Chris Mine, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger (Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar)

Born in Rome, Italy, at the age of 5 he began studying piano. When he was 14, his friend asked him to be the keyboard player in a band he was forming, called The Argons. He had no idea where to start from, since the classical approach to music was so different from the one of a rock band. “No sheet music anymore! We’ll just play by ear!”. It was a revolution in his mind.

They only had a common passion for The Beatles and a desire to emulate them. They used to say to each other: “If the Fab Four were able to do such great things just playing by ear, why can’t we?”.

So they began playing around, wherever they could. Mostly, bars and restaurants by the sea in Ostia (the seaside of Rome) put their trust in what was only a new, inexperienced band, until they realized that there was a big question to be answered. They had a drum player, two guitars and a keyboard… Yes, but… “Who’s gonna play the bass?” Chris said: “I’ve never played bass but I’m gonna buy one and learn to!”… It was a bright red Yamaha BB300 4 strings bass…

From then on, after The Argons had disbanded naturally, Chris kept listening to and then writing his own songs in English.
In 1998 and 2002 he was a finalist respectively at the “Sanremo Academy of Music” and at the “Naples Festival”.

In 2003 he ranked 16th among the 60 finalists of the 8th edition of the “Voci Nuove 2003” (S. Benedetto del Tronto). In 2004 he was a finalist in the 9th edition of the same festival.

Collaborations, various musical experiences… always keeping on writing songs in English, that was his first passion and natural affinity towards music…

The first concrete result was a CD, “Songs of Mine”, 14 songs that he co-produced with a local independent label, trying then to promote it during a short journey he and his guitarist Daniele Fiaschi made in London by car at the end of the 90’s. He made a video of one of the songs on the album, “Sundown of Grey” (see below).

In the summer 2013 he gained experience in several Open Mic’s in London. On 28th August 2013 he was at an open mic night at Silver Bullet in London, where he did a fantastic experiment, playing a song he had just written that very morning, improvising and involving the audience to sing the phrase of the chorus that went “It’s only love that needs to be fed now”, which was the title of the song too.

He didn’t know it then, but it was the beginning of a new album he would be working on in the following years and has just been released (Music In Your Soul – February 2023).

At Christmas 2014 he self-produced a video of his new song “Jesus Is Born Today” (see video below). On 5th March 2015 he makes another self-produced video of a song by Paul McCartney, “Love In Song” (see video below). In 2023 he self-produced a CD (“Music in Your Soul”), with the help of professional session workers (David Pieralisi, guitar; Valter Sacripanti, drums), playing bass, piano and vocals. Also in 2023, he recorded a demo of songs (piano and voice), always composed by him, in Italian.

With “Il Contorno del Cielo”, which he composed, arranged and recorded with the collaboration of Valter Sacripanti on drums (he was on bass, piano and voice), on October 23, 2022 he presented himself to the selections of ITALIA’S GOT TALENT 2023, with the possibility of being called up in the coming months to go on air.

Meanwhile, he’s among the 12 finalists of EMOZIONI SONG FESTIVAL 2023, which will be held on March 5, 2023 in Rome.

Today Chris has his own way of writing, knowing music rules but not necessarily following them, because he believes that instinct is the first and most important aspect of music. After that, then comes the hard but beautiful work to make a simple idea into a song.

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Chris Mine

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